Traditional Services

A traditional service will usually include a visitation, funeral ceremony, and burial or entombment.  The body is present and may be viewed by family and friends.  This can include 2 separate days, a visitation the night before and service the next day, but can also be all in one day with visitation and hour or more before the service.  A traditional service usually includes some type of religious ceremony.  Evans Funeral Home and Cremation Services have been providing traditional services since 1975.

Viewing/Service & Cremation

Individuals and families that wish to have a viewing/service with the body present and also do cremation, are able to do both.  The body is embalmed so that friends and/or family members may be able to view the body and still do cremation.  Evans Funeral Home and Cremation Services have many options available so that families may do both.


Cremation is not, legally or technically a service.  It is, in fact, a form of disposition, such as burial, entombment, donation, etc.  With Cremation there are more options than with traditional services.  When cremation is decided upon, there is still the need to decide what type of service that the family/loved ones want to have to memorialize their loved one.

Memorial Service

A Memorial Service is when the body is not present and a service is conducted.  This may be due to cremation, donation to science or various other factors.  Evans Funeral Home and Cremation Services have facilities that many families have found very convenient and comfortable for a Memorial Service. Of course, a Memorial Service can be conducted at other facilities, like a church.

Direct Cremation

'Direct Cremation' is more a legal term than accurate description.  When Direct Cremation is requested, the remains are cremated and there are no services with the body present.  Usually there is no embalming and the cremation is provided as soon as legally possible and according to the family's wishes.


Every death should be acknowledged either with a public or private service of some type. It does not have to be a costly option but one that meets the grieving process for the loved ones left.  Each and every person is an individual and no two services provided for the death of a loved one is alike.  We, at Evans Funeral Home and Cremation Services, strive to provide a meaningful and distinct service for each person we serve, whether we have a service in our facilities or another location.