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Evans Funeral Home and Cremation Services, founded in 1975 by Riley Joe Evans, is a full service funeral provider.  We offer services that respect all faiths, personal tastes and financial considerations.  We are the only funeral home in Logan County that owns and operates our own crematory, and we still provide traditional funeral services and everything in between.

Our Promise

Below is a plaque hanging in our facilities that sums up our promise to our families.


We, at the EVANS FUNERAL HOME AND CREMATION SERVICES, pledge to respect all faiths, races and social standings.  WE believe in treating each person with respect and dignity and pledge to be sympathetic to the loved ones left behind by a death.

OUR Philosophy

Our philosophy is as simple as the 'Golden Rule'.  We still believe people deserve to be treated with respect, especially after a death has occured.  We want to provide to the families, that entrust their loved ones care to us, the most dignified arrangements that they and their loved one had requested. 

  • Funeral (Traditional and Personalized)

  • Cremation (with or without services)

  • Caskets

  • Vaults

  • Monuments

  • Urns

  • Videos and Memorial Throws

  • & Various other services

To Left

Funeral Director Staff of Evans Funeral Home in the 1990's

Front Row: Riley Joe, Owner

Back Row: Mark A. 'Tony' Vance &

'Big' Jerry M. Griffith (1938-2000)